Like all Christians, catechists are called to continual conversion and growth in their faith. To provide the ongoing spiritual formation needed to nurture this growth, Aquinas College offers a Catechetical Formation Program for adults.

The Catechist Formation Program offers catechists in participating dioceses the opportunity to profit from systematic continuing education in the truths of the Catholic faith. Catechists who complete program requirements earn the title of Certified Catechist.

The Catechist Formation Program includes:


An Orientation Session is offered annually to introduce interested participants to the program. You only need to attend the Orientation Session once.

Directed Study

Catechists must complete 6 courses or 36 hours of direct instruction given by Instructors associated with the Aquinas College Office of Catechetics. Each course includes five program “modules” (Creed, Sacraments, Morality, Prayer, and Methods). Catechists can complete program requirements over a three year period by attending the fall and spring sessions as well as other approved catechetical events offered by the Diocese of Nashville. Sessions are held both live and online.

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Two sessions per year (one in the fall and one in the spring) are offered in locations throughout the dioceses of Nashville and Knoxville. Choose the date and location that is convenient for you.

To register in Nashville, click here.   To register in Knoxville, click here.

  1. Bullet    Online Sessions


Starting October 2011, we will be offering the Formation Program online to any and all interested catechists. More information regarding the online program and course offerings may be found at on our  Online Sessions page.

Independent Study

Catechists must complete an additional 20 hours of independent study through an approved program.

Catechist Portfolio

For the Knoxville and Nashville Diocese, Catechists are required to maintain a Professional Portfolio of all the notes and resources from there formation events.

We hope the links on the side serve to answer some of the questions you may have regarding the Catechist Formation Program. Consider enrolling now to deepen or begin  your formation as a catechist!

Catechist Formation Program

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The Online Sessions are part of the Catechetical Formation Program of Aquinas College in the dioceses of Nashville, Knoxville, and Lexington.  See below and the links to the left for more information about Aquinas College program. 

Catechetical Formation Program Online Courses

Fall Schedule:  Courses 1 & 3

  1. Enrollment - Sept 15 - Oct 8

  2. Courses begin October 6

  3. Courses end November 24

Spring Schedule: Courses 2 & 4

  1. Enrollment - Feb 9 - Mar 4

  2. Courses begin March 2

  3. Courses end April 27